Sunday, 6 May 2012

mukadimah sempoi ^_^

Dgn lafaz bismillahirahmanirahhim...

Alhamdulilah... actually im not a "newborn" in blogging world. before diz im also like others, im a blogger. thats always wif lappy, spending a lots of time for decorating my blog, struggle typing many story bout this sweet life. yeah maybe can say it as sweet.

my happiness, bitterness, sadness, succesful, hopeful, tears, fake! and banyak lagi. all of these im share to you. but what im doing just right now, i deleted de blog. do u know why? because theres too many about my jahiliah things. bukan nak sorok tapi kenyataan.

and now, dengan berkat Allah mungkin, i open de new one. and diz is actually my diary. i wanna to share how pain im, how struggle iam being a new one muslimah. its not easy sayang. senang untuk kite cakap, untuk buat? hmm extreamly hard.

by deleting old blog, does't mean nana nak cover semua perbuatan nana, semua perkara2 jahil nana. tak! nana delete blog lame so that, i dont want anybody especially teenangers follow cara hidup nana dulu. they are still young, they are freshie yet. ini sebab Allah.

teenangers is all about love. even nana pon still teenagers. ckup 23 september, im turning to angka 20. ya Allah tak tua lagi yea korang (: dulu pernah je bercinta cintun, and now. i preferred being single sbb Allah. even 20 years seems sangat mentah, seems too young tapi pengalaman itu mematangkan kita.

too many ways nana dah lalu. and now, i will share. InsyAlah dengan izin yang atas lah kan. dlm blog dulu ade je cerita2 cinta dongeng nana. ape org kate, cinta monyet, ha yes puppy love. macam2! gambar? name pon jahil kan, kompomlah rapat2, touch2, holding hands? tayah ckp. bersepah. thats why i should oh yeah once again I SHOULD delete it. no more refuse ! and once again, its about Allah. my Lord.

teks agak panjang. alaaaa chill la sayang... adat lah tu suit la dengan tittle dy "MUKADIMAH" kan? ^_^ sabar yea. even ade yg dah biase ngn blog nana dulu, but memandangkan ini blog baru, x pe2, mari2 kite touch touch siket bout myself.
ouh hi salam ukhuwah !
im nana norzirah
borned on 23 sept 1992
this year ouh my God, bakal 20 tahun. not tua but matured -.-
uitm product, still in process
taking diploma in banking

i hve everything

i have family, car, house, lappy, friends, rooms, education, gadget, time.THERES HOT STUFF!
i have eveything... but theres nothing for me if i have no IMAN.

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