Saturday, 20 October 2012



for a long time didnt see didnt mem-bebel in my ugly blog. For this post, I gonna to share about my experience being a mama to my baby turtle. justin and selena. guess what, nana norzirah is someone yang sgt penggeli, but since the turtle are sooooo cute i decide to bought them, and ready to be a mama. yeah justin's and selena's mama.

describing my experience, feel disgusted at myself because Im their mom, but at the same time, i didnt dare to touch them. pelik kan. indeed it is disgusting to me, but honestly from the heart, I really love them. yea im really.  in fact, I cant wait to see both my child grow up healthy. seriously. and most make me excited, when almost a month I take care of them, I could see how the way they eat pallet that I gave. seriously very excited. I did not teach them to eat spinach. for me at this infant stage, I prefer them to eat pallet. 

they are very naughty and cute. the smallest was named selena. larger one is named  Justin. The female will usually bigger, but this time dah terbalik, so do not be surprised ok :) and very fun to see them play. they do not have a problem. did not fighting, did not problems to think in their lives. but I did not mean, as human life is messy. they just a empty thought. 

dear selena and justin, mama hope the two of you, be the best child. Mom expect any grandchildren from both of you. mama want justin and selena descent. and mama had already put the name for the child in you. if male, his name is Peter. and if a female name is jasmine.

nana norzirah

Friday, 21 September 2012


Bila kita dah buat yang terbaik dalam melakar satu pelan, yang melibatkan banyak orang, banyak tenaga, banyak kos, banyak prosedur, bukanlah salah kita jika ianya tiba-tiba gagal kerana kita bukan penentu, harap kau sedar, bukan semua yang akan berlaku itu mengikut cara dan citarasa kita. Belajarlah menghargai orang di sekeliling walau akhirnya gagal yang mengintai kerana disitulah Allah mengurniakanmu satu kurnia yang sangat hebat, iaitu ukhuwwah kerana Allah yang bukan hanya inginkan kemenangan tetapi lebih daripada itu.